A man accused of abuse of a baby says he was inspired methods of Super Nanny TF1

Entertainment 28 November, 2016

Accused by a therapist and abuse several viewers to some children, Super Nanny is once again a case of violence. His methods have inspired a young man, accused of ” voluntary violence on a minor” .

supernannyBlow to Super Nanny . The most famous nanny was behind a sordid affair . For over three years now that Sylvie Jenaly, aka Super Nanny, gives his advice on children’s education on TF1 . But unfortunately for her, its practices are not always well applied or interpreted. To believe our colleagues south west , a 23 year old man, accused of abuse of a child, says he was inspired methods Super Nanny .
Also according to South West that relates the facts, a young couple is called to appear before the Criminal Court Perigueux April 5, 2017 for “voluntary violence on minor ascending” . This is one of crèches in the city that have reported the matter to the police after seeing the buttocks of a baby of 16 months extensive bruising . A discovery that took place during an exchange. A forensic examination confirmed the injuries were the result of recent violence.
The perpetrator would be the father of the infant. At his hearing with the police, the young man of 23 years said he had given spanking the baby “for his education” , especially when the child is asleep.
Described as a man angry and sometimes violent with the child of his girlfriend (aged 20, editor’s note ), he states that he “inspired by the show Super Nanny” .
Sylvie Jenaly a case that would have gone well. Indeed, the teacher is the subject of a petition launched by a therapist who denounces educational, physical and psychological abuse in its methods . A total of 65 complaints from viewers seek the Super Nanny. The Superior Council of Audiovisual (CSA) has taken over this dossier .
Pending trial, the little boy has been given to the social assistance to the Childhood. To date, no image showing Super Nanny train spanking has been broadcast.