A man receives a second face transplantation after the rejection of a first

Health 20 January, 2018


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It is in one of the blocks of the hospital Georges Pompidou, in Paris, that this novel took place last January 15.
“The transplant is completed on a patient who had already received a transplant of face” 7 years ago, and who “was a chronic rejection”, said the release of the Agency of biomedicine and the public Assistance – Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP). Placed on a waiting list last October 27 after the rejection of the first face transplant, the surgeons had finally had to remove his 2nd face in front of the “gravity rejection”. Jerome, 42 years old, tells his story in the book “have You seen the gentleman ?” had been hospitalized in the intensive care unit.
“We knew that we could be facing this kind of problem,” he explained on RTL professor Laurent Lantieri, a plastic surgeon who led the procedure. This patient has had a transplant who has virtually held up well for nearly 7 years and for the past year, the situation had deteriorated to such a point that it had been necessary to remove the graft and, therefore, remove his face and find a new face”.