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Entertainment 14 January, 2018

Johnny Hallyday

Since the 9th of December, date of the funeral of Johnny Hallyday, the church of the Madeleine, where took place the ceremony has become a true place of worship. The parish priest, Bruno Horaist, has made the decision to say a mass every 9th of the month to pay tribute to the star disappeared.

Saturday, December 9, last France said goodbye to Johnny Hallyday, during a heartfelt homage to exceptional. The remains of the rocker was part of the funeral home to the Mont-Valerien, Nanterre, framed by hundreds of bikers. Then the procession took the direction of the Arc de Triomphe to the place de la Concorde. The procession then went to the church of the Madeleine, where was held the religious ceremony.

Since then, the church became a place of pilgrimage for thousands of fans disconsolate. Especially that the idol of young people is now based thousands of miles away, on the island of Saint-Barthélemy, is not accessible for many scholarships. The curé of the Madeleine, Bruno Horaist, has therefore taken the following decision : all the 9 of the month, a mass will be given at the Madeleine in honour of the star so that his fans can collect them also. “I don’t want people to be disappointed on entering the Madeleine, and that nothing evokes Johnny. They come to him. This is normal on my part to offer them the opportunity to meet a few images and be able to express themselves through writing,” he said. For the moment, “a commemorative plaque was installed temporarily on the outer railings of the church as well as a table with a few pictures of the ceremony on 9 December within the parish” can I read it on the Parisian. The parish priest Bruno Horaist adds that he had to open a third book of gold : “I have a responsibility to keep all these stories that I’m going to pass on to the family. I have already written to Mrs. Hallyday”. An initiative that should delight more than one.

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Johnny Hallyday

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