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Entertainment 13 December, 2017


According to Tv Entertainment, a musical comedy devoted to Johnny Hallyday should soon see the light of day. His wife Laeticia have already validated the project.

The industry musciale board already on the career posthumous Johnny Hallyday. While the album of covers of her hits,We all have something to Johnny, record-breaking sales, it could be that the work of the rocker is delivered to the taste of the day through a unique project. According to exclusive information deTélé Leisure, Laeticia Hallyday would have given its agreement for the production of a musical comedy around her deceased husband, buried in the cemetery of Lorient, Saint Barthelemy on Monday, 11 December. Always according to our colleagues, Warner, the record label of the Taulier since 2006, would also be involved in the development of this show. Remains to be seen whether the latter will trace the journey of the idol of young people and especially who will have the privilege to represent it on stage.

If Laeticia today possesses the exclusive authority of the work of Johnny, it is because it has always played a vital role in his career, becoming its artistic director. “Laeticia is paramount in the development of the career of Johnny. She is the artistic director absolute. She knows how far to push the image of her husband. She knows how to embellish it. (…) Today, Laeticia has 30 years of history with the character. She is very often better than him what he’s capable of, ” said Sebastien Farran, manager of Johnny Hallyday, in the Express in November.

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