A new and violent letter from John Lennon reveals the secrets of the separation of Beatles

Entertainment 16 November, 2016

In an unpublished letter written in 1971 and revealed this Tuesday, November 15, John Lennon violently attacked his former friend, Paul McCartney. He particularly criticized his attitude towards Yoko Ono, and draws a definitive line on the adventure of the Beatles, who then come to separate.

beatles” In reading your letter, I was wondering what grumpy old fan could be the author. ” The words are cold and dismissive. They are those of John Lennon, in a letter written in 1971 and addressed to Paul McCartney, right after the Beatles broke . If we knew that relations between members of the group were very tense at the time of their separation, in contrast is not aware of this letter particularly violent, and unveiled this Tuesday, November 15th. The relic is auctioned by the house RR Auction, and is estimated at 20 thousand dollars.
In the letter, Lennon addresses his former companions Paul McCartney and his wife Linda. It accuses them of denigrating his relationship with Yoko Ono , and does not hide his disdain. ” J ‘hope you realize all the shit that you and my other friends be called swinging on Yoko and me since that one is set. ” At the time, many fans attribute the late Beatles arrival of Yoko Ono in the life of John Lennon . Poorly charges faced by the couple.
About their musical adventure, the musician harsh words, and asks his old friend to go forward. ” You really think that today’s art stems from the Beatles ? I can not believe you’re mad at that point Paul, do you think that ? When you will stop to believe you’ll have to wake up ! (…) Come out of your gold disc and fly by yourself! “   
But that’s Linda, the wife of Paul McCartney, he has the most violent words: ” As for you, Linda, if you kidding as I say, shut up! Paul leaves m writing. ” He added, still speaking to Linda, it’s not him who wished to remain his secret departure of the Beatles. ” Paul and Klein (the manager of The Beatles, note) spent the day convincing me not to say anything on the grounds that it could” hurt the Beatles. ” So it goes well in your little perverse skull Mrs. McCartney: those bastards asked me to keep quiet! ”
Despite the violence of his remarks, John Lennon ended his letter by writing that he loves them both ” in spite of it all ” … It’s called love cow.