A new assessment is more accurate and more easy of bad cholesterol

Health 9 January, 2018


Published the 09.01.2018 at 15: 45


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A study, published on 2 January in Circulation, suggests that fasting for routine consistently called for the determination of cholesterol could be avoided in most people, making testing more practical.
The new method of calculation of the bad cholesterol, the LDL-cholesterol was developed by Seth Martin and his colleagues at the John Hopkins Hospital in 2013.
Other researchers, u.s. and foreign, have confirmed its greater accuracy over a series of more than one million five hundred thousand participants, and the new method has been adopted by at least one large national organization of diagnosis in the United States this year.

More accurate and more practical

Although the new method of calculation of LDL-cholesterol is a little more complex, it can be performed using information already collected in the sample of blood in order to give a more precise result.
Since fasting is not necessary with this method which is also more precise, it becomes more convenient for the patients because they can measure cholesterol at any time and do not need to go back for a second appointment if they have eaten.
”Thanks to our study, clinicians and patients can make better decisions because they are armed with test results that are more accurate, welcomes the author. Those who are still using the method of Friedewald must exercise more caution in the interpretation, but in the meantime, they can use our application for smartphone until their laboratory repents.”