A pervert uses the other without worrying about their feelings or their suffering

Health 28 January, 2018


Published the 28.01.2018 at 16h54


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Favoured by the corporate ultra-liberal and the rise in unemployment, which makes people dependent vis-à-vis their work station, pipes perverse grow.
The perversion has long been perceived as a sexual deviance. Yet, sexuality is the one area where the pipes perverse are exercised. The perversion is more generally a ” driving perverse, sometimes violent, which may be exercised by the manipulators or bullies encountered in work, in family or friendly relations.

What is it that characterizes the pipes perverse ?

The perversion is manifested by the desire to satisfy his desires and enjoy without limits using the other according to his own pleasure. The guy does not tolerate frustration and manage always to deny the realities that bother. He believes everything possible and imagines himself more important than he is. Even if he knows that he is abusing and he made the others suffer, only his desire is important to him. The victim of a pervert must comply with its expectations.

How to recognize a person evil ?

Some of the specific behaviors and characteristics should attract attention :
• The total absence of empathy : the guy does not care about the feelings and the suffering of the other,
• The tendency to act and transgression : the pervert seeks to obtain as soon as possible the social status or the human being or the object that he covets,
• Handling : the major instrument of the perverse is not the whip but the language that he uses virtuoso to persuade, deceive, mock or humiliate.
A pervert does not care about feelings or suffering of others in general, and especially his victim. He makes it a point to immediately get what he wants using any means possible, be it the humiliation, deception or persuasion.

How to react to a pervert ?

When it was time to tame his victim, the guy can become attentive and seductive. Yet, as a small child tyrannical, when his victim decides to leave, the guy loses his means and uses all her cruelty to make them feel guilty and return his ” toy “.
In the workplace, the behavior is perverse are close to the harassment : a devaluation of the work, goals unattainable, disparaging remarks on the time spent in the toilet…
Without descending into paranoia and believe the prey of a dangerous manipulator with the slightest conflict, in case of doubt about a real behavior perverse, it is important not to ” victimize “, but to be assertive while protecting her privacy.

A psychologist or a psychiatrist may also help to better identify and protect themselves.