A sex addiction is a suffering with uncontrollable impulses

Health 10 December, 2017


Published the 10.12.2017 to 22: 00


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Sex addiction is a loss of control of her sexuality more than a desire to exaggerate. The consumption of sex is daily and repeated with uncontrollable impulses that trigger pain.

Signs that do not deceive

A true “addict sex” feels not only a desire, but it suffers especially if a loss of control of her sexuality. He can’t go a day without masturbating compulsively several times per day, refer to pornography on the internet or on the phone, or having sex with one or more partners.
More than a quest for pleasure, it is mostly to appease transiently its inner tensions, at least at the beginning. The disgust and guilt and the invading quickly, the pain settles and the impulses are again uncontrollably.

Consequences in all areas of life

The addict’s sexual quickly falls into a downward spiral that it can no longer control. Only the sexual practice account in his life. The shame and the guilt of the isolates of the other.
Sexuality becomes for him a source of suffering that can have consequences in all areas, whether it be a divorce, a layoff, financial problems, or health.

Accept the psychotherapy

Sex is an obsession shameful in his life, the addict sexual tends to hide his problem to his environment, which does not suspect anything. Yet it is when he accepts that his behaviour puts him in danger and hurt that he can face the addiction and start a therapy.

The only solution lies in a psychotherapy with a addictologue or a psychologist. This psychological work allows you to regain confidence, to learn to love, and to resolve its internal tensions in any other ways with their sexuality. A couple therapy is sometimes necessary to understand the disease and find a free sexuality, freed from the obsession.