A TPMP columnist in the Angels 9! And it’s not Matthieu Delormeau

Entertainment 16 January, 2017

January 12, Matthew Delormeau has won a gift in Hands off my post: A two-day stay in Angels 9 in Miami! A present that does not really packed the former star of NRJ12 that animated the premiums of Angels between 2013 and 2015.
So, as revealed by our colleagues at Télé Loisirs is no longer the former colleague Ayem of Nour who share but another chronicle Cyril Hanouna .
This is the bubbling Jean-Michel Maire! This information is very serious since it was confirmed by Matthieu Delormeau himself. And as noted columnist of 42 years, the two colleagues chose to exchange gifts won in TPMP . The beautiful blonde finally wins a flat screen.
And Jean-Michel Mayor will celebrate with all the reality TV candidates for this cast: Sarah ( Secret Story 10 ) Milla ( The Princes of Love 3 , Angels 8 ), Melanie ( Villa Broken Hearts 2 ), Anissa ( Moundir and adventurers apprentices ), Kim ( the Marseilles ), Luna ( the Voice 5 ), Jonathan ( Secret Story 9 ), Anthony ( the broken hearts Villa 2 ), Jordan ( Les Ch’tis ), Mickaël ( Best Pastry Chef season 5 ) and Senna ( Secret Story 4, Angels 1 ).