According to a scientist, enjoy a glass of wine stimulates the brain

Health 9 December, 2017


Published the 09.12.2017 at 18h23


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There are those who drink wine like any other alcohol in the evening and those who eat with relish by identifying all of its flavors. The for wine-lovers and professionals (oenologist, sommelier, wine merchant) will know probably in this last description. According to Gordon Shepherd, professor of neuroscience at the university of Yale (United States), this experience could also prove to be beneficial for the brain.

In his book Neuroenology: How the Brain Creates the Taste of Wine (“How your brain creates the taste of wine”), the scientist explains that the fact to taste a wine is a complex and nuanced that stimulates the gray matter in a manner similar to that when we solve a mathematical equation. “When you taste a wine, the way your tongue moves the wine in your mouth, and how your nose reacts to the aroma of the wine, correspond to a motor act complex at the level of neurons’, explained professor Sheperd at the british newspaper The Independent.

A theory to be consumed with moderation

According to the scientist, the brain plays a very important role in the deciphering of the taste of the wine, even the way our eyes perceive color. “When the light hits our eyes, it activates systems in the brain that creates colors. The brain works in a similar way, interpreting the taste or flavor of wine”, he explains in his book.

Let’s just remember that the wine is, like any other alcohol, to be consumed with moderation. Not to mention that ethanol, a molecule contained in the alcohol (and therefore in wine) acts on the neurotransmitters and disrupts the functioning of the brain in the event of excessive consumption.

Furthermore, this stimulation of the grey matter, as described by this scientist probably applies also to the tasting of other foods rich in flavours and nuances (truffle, chocolate), which, like wine, requires a process of reflection of taste. In conclusion, you will earn to enjoy your wine out in the rules of art, if done with moderation.