Accused of rigging his holiday photos, Laurent Maistret of Dance with Stars reacts

Entertainment 30 December, 2016

On Instagram, Laurent Maistret took risks by retouching his holiday photos. A failure that did not happen to the fans.
Hypnotic gaze, lion mane, concrete abs and lame to fall, Maistret Laurent has all the arguments to unleash the crowds. Also before finding its partners Dancing with the Stars for the tour in a few weeks, the winner of the contest, the adventurer of the TV , he took some time off he has seen fit to share with His fans. Bad idea.
n holiday in the Maldives, the beautiful brown has published a few shots on which, bare-chested, he admires idyllic landscapes. Problem, saturated in color and presenting a kind of luminous aureole around the candidate, they give the impression of having been rigged. Internet users have not failed to point this out, accusing Laurent Maistret of fantasizing his trip and having contented himself with posing on a green background.
After removing most of the photos and corrected the comments of one of them stating that he had used a camera filter “and not made a montage” , he added an original where the colors, maybe a Less brighter, make the shooting more credible. Decided not to let spoil the fun, Laurent Maistret this time has tagged the plate with explicit keywords and nailed the beak jealous to ensuring that it was “just a heavenly place” . Difficult to contradict!