Acupuncture : how it can reduce the pain

Health 30 June, 2017


Published the 30.06.2017 at 16h29


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Migraine, fibromyalgia, back pain… these three conditions share more than the recurring pain. They are also improved by acupuncture. The mystery plane yet on the actual effect of this ancient technique, which came from China. A team from the Institute of biomedical research of Los Angeles (Usa) provides a trail of explanation in Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

25 brave men have agreed to be screened needles for the goods of this study. The researchers used a version of moderate acupuncture. For 20 minutes, the manipulators have alternated the twist and the break. A slight heat from electrical sources has also been sent to the needles.

An influx of nitrogen monoxide

This strategy normally produces a warm sensation around the needles. It is this phenomenon that soothes the pain. But the explanation of this mechanism occurs at the microscopic level. The rate of nitric oxide in the skin increases during the acupuncture session. Compared to the other periods, it is two times higher.

This chemical compound has a tendency to relax the blood vessels, promoting blood circulation. Thus, the influx of nitric oxide encourages indirectly the release of substances analgesics and sensitization in the body. It is from there that come the feeling of warmth and the benefits of the technique on the pain.

To observe this, the researchers had to develop a tool tailored. “Our laboratory has developed a device for non-invasive and non-painful composed of biosensors, able to perform samples of biomolecules of human in specific regions of the skin,” says Sheng-Xing Ma, who signs the work.

Source : Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine