Addictions : Agnès Buzyn supports preventive approaches

Health 28 June, 2017


Published the 28.06.2017 at 16h32


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“Collectively we need to think long term and find the keys for everyone to be committed to the protection of his own health “. At the podium, the new minister of Health gave a speech highly anticipated. It was the first time that Agnès Buzyn, speaking about drugs and addictive conduct since taking office. It opened this Wednesday, the Day of prevention of addictive behaviors, organized by the Mildeca (inter-Ministerial Mission of Fight against Drugs and Addictive behaviors).

The opportunity to deliver, in part at least, his vision of the fight against addictions. The minister thus welcomed the theme of the Day devoted to the development of psychosocial skills in school. This approach is to make students to reflect on their behaviour, particularly in relation to the risk (dangerous games, speed, drugs, sex…), through a method of playful, interactive and loving. It aims to encourage, at a young age, to take care of themselves and others through the acquisition of a certain knowledge of life.

“Promising strategy”

A “strategy particularly promising, which aims to give young people a greater ability to make informed choices and reasoned,” said the minister, with the emphasis on youth and prevention, two future priorities of my action in this ministry.”

It takes, indeed. France is experiencing high rates of use and misuse of psychoactive products. One-third of the adolescents of 17 years of age are daily smokers of tobacco, one in ten drink alcohol regularly, and nearly as much, consumes more than ten times per month in the cannabis plant. These data, broken down by Agnès Buzyn, call to action. The minister has also raised concern about “the increasing use of derivatives codéinés in free sale” and promised measures to ” concrete and preventive on this issue “.

Act on the “tripod” of addictions

While avoiding going into details, the minister of Health has shown its support for a framework of prevention on addiction. “We all know that addictive behaviors, whatever they may be, are the fruit of a tripod : the product itself or the substrate of addiction, the individual concerned and the context in which this person evolves. It is therefore our collective responsibility to act on these three dimensions to give to our children and our teenagers to a society that protects them.”

Agnès Buzyn a, and called the society to raise awareness about the dangers related to addiction. “I cannot satisfy myself of the weak enforcement of the ban on sales to under 18 tobacco, alcoholic beverages or gambling “.