Adele Exarchopoulos burgled: A luxury booty for the evildoers

Entertainment 29 December, 2016

The celebrations are not happy for the star of La Vie d’Adele …
Bad news for the talented Adele Exarchopoulos . The actress, who exploded on the screen in the drama The Life of Adele , Golden Palm at Cannes in 2013, was the victim of a burglary according to the website of the magazine Closer . The criminals would have stolen, in his Parisian apartment, rings, cosmetics and leather goods of the actress, who is also a great fashionista. The events took place on 23 December.
New face of Louis Vuitton, which does not miss during parades Fashion Week , the young woman of 23 years always made good choices in terms of style, as seen on her Instagram posts. Now broken, it’s certainly a heavy heart because it will prepare miss him ” Boucheron jewelery, Cartier rings, earrings Celine, Louis Vuitton items as well as leather goods siglée initial actress , “says Closer. The thieves also scoured many beauty products from major brands. The actress obviously filed a complaint and the judicial police investigated.
Cinema will change the ideas of Adele Exarchopoulos. On the soon end up on the big screen in the latest achievement of Sean Penn , The Last Face (January) and in Orphan Arnaud Pallières and soon in The True Belgian Michael R. Roskam, who found her camera to her actor fetish, Schoenaerts .