Adele: Frightened full concert, she wriggles in every way!

The star apparently does not like too volatile …
adele-a-la-bridgestone-arena-de-nashvillMore than six times and Adele will have completed his world tour, which began after the release of his latest album massively successful title 25. The star, visiting Mexico, will long remember his show on November 15 …
While everything was happening for the better on the stage of the hall of Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, Adele was suddenly surprised by a bat …! The interpreter Hello then began to stir in all directions, bending double as for protection. ” There’s a bat here and she hovers over your heads! It is there, just above your heads! Oh my God, it’s a fucking bat. Welcome to Mexico City. C ‘ While I am happy to be here but there is a bat fucking Christ! “she said as a few laughs from the spectators, some of whom filmed the scene.
This is not the first episode Adele, which will end its tour on March 16 in Melbourne, Australia, lives on his tour. Indeed, the mother of little Angelo worked for various marriage proposals , has circulated an end game in full Euro , has made a blunder that made it hilarious or still denied being pregnant . Moreover, its triumphant tour allowed him to reap far $ 80.5 million !

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