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Entertainment 29 January, 2018


Finished California. Now it is Marseille that Pamela Anderson has put down its suitcases, to spend more time with her lover, the footballer Adil Rami. What looks like their new life ? Marseille have made a few confidences.

Adil Rami and Pamela Anderson have more in life to hide. Since a few days, the american star left the United States to settle in the south of France, to Marseille. His goal, closer to the footballer, whom she shared life for the past few months. The actress, known for her role in baywatch, had already been spotted several see at the Velodrome to attend the games of the Olympic of Marseille. Now, it is in the streets of marseille that it appears, according to testimonies collected by 20 Minutes.

According to one interviewee : “We see in the district, it is crossed in some restaurants, ensures a regular in the neighborhood. Pamela does not hide ! “However, it is impossible to know exactly where their new home : the two celebrities are keen to preserve their privacy, and to keep the paparazzi at a distance.

However, one sector in particular could have attracted the attention of the cup : that of the Roucas-Blanc / Corniche, described by the real estate agent Dominic Puccinelli as ” Marseille… Without being Marseille “, the ” district as the most requested at this time.” Acclaimed by many stars such as place of residence, or vacation (Kad Merad, Laurent Ruquier or even Emmanuel Marcon). In any case, one thing is for sure : Pamela Anderson seems not to be ready to leave France : it has put her villa Malibu rental – for the modest sum of 40 000 dollars a month – and was already in the stands of the stadium in Marseille this Sunday, January 28, to support her lover.

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