Adolescence, it is 10 to 24 years. In question, the physiology and the sociology

Health 20 January, 2018


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If one believes a study published in The Lancet, Child & Adolescent Health adolescence would last 10 years up to 24 years of age : a sacred term. In one case, it is the physiology that lowers the age of onset, but in the other case, it is sociology that is responsible for this elongation incredible teen up to 24, or even 25 years.
But let us start at the beginning of the story with one of the best specialists of evolution, professor Bernard Sablonnière, professor of biology at Lille, according to which our knowledge of the most recent show-what he calls a “Big bang” neurological 28th day of the embryo. Recent methods of imaging have highlighted the creation of millions of neurons (3000 neurons in the second) and the start of their interconnection.

Age brain varies little

This explosion is a little anarchic in the belly of the mother but on the 6th month we talk about billions of connections ! Approximately $ 60 billion, to the provision of the network organization that will continue for 20 years. It can be considered that, during all these years, the capital neural is sorted out, investigated and then eliminated, in order to keep the circuit useful.
The birth sign a second age of evolution, of which it is estimated that it will take up to 10 to 12 years. This is the period during which our brain is extremely malleable which allows all the learnings of life.
The next period is that of adolescence, of which the estimates vary the most. Nowadays it is said that from 12 to 29 years the growth continues. 29 years old, the age at which the brain is supposed to be at its peak. It is difficult to be precise because this estimate is not easy to do.
One certainty, however : from 30 to 65 years of age, the abilities are slowly decreasing, with a slope quite fresh, and which may be hindered, because the adaptive capacities of the brain are almost endless, although still poorly known, and especially under the addiction of what you are eating ? Not to mention the toxic substances that are imposed on him or difficult living conditions, including poor sleep.
However, from the age of 65, even if it is not yet linear, old age has done its work and the connections are less effective.

Age psychic is sociological

The age psychic, by contrast, is very sensitive to the environment and living conditions that are imposed on our neurons. Until the 19th century, life expectancy was poor, the confrontation to the adult world faster and it would be difficult to say that Bonaparte at the Bridge of Arcole was a teenager…
Yet this is the scientific journal The Lancet would like to explain to us in calculating that today’s adolescence lasts until age 24, and even 29 ! This is quite curious because if this is true, 2 ages previously defined would be… confused.
No medical data is encrypted, but just an appreciation of the age of the final departure of the family unit, the marriage, or, most eloquent, one of the first maternity today is well after 30 years.
Traditionally, adolescence was a short one of 13 to 19 years. The specialists prefer to speak now of a period that they call for really teens but who looks and who would start around 10, 11 years – influence of the internet on the acquisition of knowledge – and it would take at least up to 24 years of age, because the outside world is no longer as reassuring as it once was.
This would have no consequences for the followers of the marketing, if the adaptation of the age psychic to the physical age was not a real problem. An example at 11 years old the new teenager has not really started puberty and the age of the first rules if it is a little advanced, was not in the same proportions as the age psychic.
In contrast, for the age of the end, it is a factor to be taken into account for the company.

The SNCF has well understood that, by raising the ceiling of the map young of 27 to 29 years old !