After Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp appears very emaciated and unrecognizable!

Entertainment 3 April, 2017

Poor Johnny Depp … The actor was recently seen more thinned than ever on new photos that worry his fans a lot!
For the past few days, Brad Pitt has created a panic on the Web. In the process of divorce with Angelina Jolie, the actor appears more and more lean at each of his appearances. This is evidenced by the latest shots that have invaded social networks. Pictures unveiled by the Daily Mail and on which we see Brad Pitt totally unrecognizable in the streets of Los Angeles . The fans were quickly worried for the interpreter Benjamin Button . Especially that according to the British tabloid, the actor of 53 years would spend most of his days locked in his studio to work on his next sculpture, while listening to sad songs. A rather disturbing description. Is it then in full depression? Possible. But if he seems to have trouble recovering from his breakup, he is not the only one. Johnny Depp also recently appeared very emaciated …
Will Johnny Depp be able to recover from his divorce with Amber Heard ? If we believe the last pictures where the American star appears, it is very likely. While he was invited to dinner at the Gjelina restaurant for the birthday of Lady Gaga – the singer celebrating her 31th birthday – Johnny Depp was photographed by the paparazzi present there. Thin and unrecognizable, the actor who had slipped into an all-black outfit with sunglasses, was hard to see on the pictures published by the Daily Mail . The cheeks hollowed and the face sad, the ex-companion of Vanessa Paradis looked exhausted . And that makes sense! Especially when one knows that he is currently going through a difficult period because of his money problems. Hopefully, the year 2017 is better for Lily-Rose Depp’s dad . And that the promo and the positive reviews around the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 5 that will be released on May 24, help him climb the slope. And you, are you worried about Johnny Depp?