After Eddy Mitchell, Nathalie Baye gives reassuring news about the health of Johnny Hallyday Gala

Entertainment 10 September, 2017


Come to the Toronto Festival to promote the film of Xavier Beauvois : The Guardians, Nathalie Baye has given exclusively to our colleagues from Télé Star of the reassuring news of the state of health of her ex-husband Johnny Hallyday.

A few days ago at the micro RTL, Eddy Mitchell, referring to the tour of the Old Scoundrels, paid a tribute to the fighting spirit and determination of Johnny Hallyday in his battle with cancer : ” It was great, except that it was very, very worried for my friend. It’s still a beating, it is a real hard. This is Robocop. All the people who have participated in this tour, have had a large movement of respect for Johnny because it was really a battle all day,” said this friend of 50 years of the ” Taulier “.


Other celebrity to know the rocker for decades, Nathalie Baye. The actress that would remind you fell in a swoon to the eternal ” idol of the youth ” in 1982 during a broadcast of the Carpentier while she was playing with the ‘ a skit written by Philippe Labro. A shot of love after which the actress and singer will be a couple in the city, Johnny, abandoning the world of the night to a quieter life at L’etang-la-Ville, where they bought a house. A union which will end in march 1986, during which will be born Laura Smet on 15 November 1983.


Nathalie Baye, who in the margins of the Toronto film festival, where it comes to defend the latest film by Xavier Beauvois The Guardians, entrusted to our colleagues from Télé Star have very recently seen her ex-husband : “I dined with him four days ago and I found it to be good. “., does she actually know. Words that are similar to those held by Sylvie Vartan (another ex-wife of the rocker) at the end of August in the columns of Paris Match : “We took all a lot of concern for his health. It would seem that the worst is behind, what I hope with all my heart. The signs of improvement are very optimistic.

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