After Gray’s Anatomy, Scandal and HTGAWM: A new series about ABC for Shonda Rhimes!

Cinema 18 January, 2017

Shonda Rhimes again struck! After the success of Gray’s Anatomy, Scandal or HTGAWM, it will soon return with a new series …
The Queen of ABC is not ready to stop! It must be said that the chain has reason to trust it. Series after series, Shonda Rhimes proves to us that it knows what pleases the public and that its imagination has no limit. While we look forward to the return of the TGIT series (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to get away with murder) ABC just announced some new will surely complete its program schedule next season . We had already heard of this drama but it is now official, the pilot episode has just been ordered and if everything goes well we will have the pleasure to discover it at the beginning of the school year! Everything rolls for Shonda Rhimes!
The pitch? The series will follow the misadventures of junior lawyers working at the federal court for the Southern District of New York. Between the team of the prosecutor and the defense, there is a risk of sparks, especially that they will work on the most important affairs of the country. Of course, their private lives will mingle with legal problems since we are in the world of sulphurous Shonda Rhimes . After HTGAWM, it is therefore once again the universe of justice that will be put forward … And it goes rather well! It’s also not the only gem made in Shondaland we look forward since Still Star-Crossed should arrive soon … So excited about this new project?