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Entertainment 22 January, 2018


In early January, Laetitia Casta said in Nice-Matin, ” I do not consider myself a feminist “. Of about deformed according to the actress, who has now decided to take the word in the columns of the World. In a forum entitled : “The struggles of women who have the courage to break the silence is mine “, Laetitia Casta is a small point.

In an interview to Corsica in the Morning dated 11 January, Laetitia Casta had to understand that she wasn ‘t really for the liberation of the voice of women on the social networks : “I do not agree with the idea of #balancetonporc. After that, it’s going to be what, balance your bitch ? This is not in the aggressiveness that we are going to move things forward, it is not in the hatred of the man. How can we give so much power to others. We are responsible for ourselves. It is large enough to also tell me what you want ! I do not consider myself a feminist but as a woman. It is necessary that the women should not be afraid to take their place. “Output, which had led to numerous criticisms.

On Monday 22 January, in the columns of the World, the actress wants to set the record straight at the time. In a forum entitled ” The struggle of women who have the courage to break the silence is mine “, Laetitia Casta comes back to his last statements, believing that they were not properly transcribed.” I was shocked to discover in the media about my deformed on the topic eminently burning phenomenon #balancetonporc and feminism, ” commented the actress. “I was also shocked to see the reactions, and an update appeared to me necessary. No, I’m not against feminism, no I am not against the right of women to speak ” says Laetitia Casta.

In this new forum, the model 39-year-old called rather that men and women remain ” united “. ” We should not deceive ourselves, this is a fight for women, not against men, for the respect and not against the expression of the desire for the harmony of relations, ” stressed the actress.

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Laetitia Casta

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