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Entertainment 18 January, 2018

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According to the information of the Parisian, Françoise Hardy comes out soon a new album. After serious health problems, the singer had assured not to make any more music. The mother of Thomas Dutronc seems to have changed his mind.

To 74 years, Françoise Hardy made his big return to music. According to the newspaper Le Parisien, the singer comes out soon a new album. After Love crazy in 2012, the mother of Thomas Dutronc claimed to stop his musical career. And yet, the journal reports that the output of an opus in April is well planned. Of the twelve titles recorded in any discretion, a single will be in stores in the month of February. An album written with the participation of la Grande Sophie and muscle structure running, two musicians with whom she has many affinities.

A return to the song as if to celebrate his victory against the disease. Françoise Hardy fought for a decade against a cancer of the lymphatic system , which amenuisait his immune system. In 2015, after a serious fall, it is plunged into the coma. The doctors think lost. The singer reportedly bid farewell to his son, who watched at his bedside, day after day. Her husband, Jacques Dutronc, and had feared the worst then. The singer told us, a year ago, that he thought of from before it. “He always believed that he would die before me, so that it is a phoenix that is reborn ever from its ashes, like his friends Johnny and Eddy ! For my part, je do not think that I would survive long, if they were to disappear before me. Jacques is a great heavy.Just recently, he lost his brother and he has imagined the next one on the list. I answered him that a little water had time to flow under the bridges ! “, she entrusted.

For her, it’s Thomas Dutronc, and his son, who was ” resurrected “. In a book entitled A gift of heaven, the wife of Jacques Dutronc tells his return to life. Its rebirth, the interpreter of the Message staff well enjoy it. A survivor of the disease, Francoise Hardy made a nice tribute to France Gall and Johnny Hallyday all two died of their cancer.

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