After Jean-Michel Mayor, Enora Malagré questioned in the investigation of cocaine trafficking

Entertainment 16 November, 2016

On November 9, Jean-Michel Mayor was placed in custody by the narcotics police in an investigation aimed at dismantling a cocaine trafficking. The next day Enora Malagré was also interviewed.

enoramalagreLast week, Jean-Michel Mayor, columnist Cyril Hanouna in Hands off my post was questioned by the police in connection with a drug trafficking investigation . According to the Express , the journalist was summoned “for a therapeutic injunction” . Placed in custody and then released, Jean-Michel Mayor had no comment. According to information of the magazine Closer , her friend and colleague, Enora Malagré, was also heard by investigators Tuesday, November 8 in the afternoon. She was questioned as a simple witness : ” I have not heard for the same reasons as Jean Michel Mayor, she told the reporter Closer . I was called to talk about my friend. It has nothing to do with respect to near or far narcotics. I did not in custody, I have not been charged with anything. ”
When contacted by the magazine, Enora Malagré gave more details of the interrogation: “I was asked questions which I unfortunately could not answer. I am not concerned in a personal way by this case, and I’m not consuming either. I help a friend. ”
For now, Cyril Hanouna has not yet commented on the matter. But this detention comes just weeks after the bad buzz caused live on the show not touch my position , when Jean-Michel Mayor kissed the breasts of a guest, without her consent .