After Prometheus and Alien, Ridley Scott continues in the SF, and the robots with the series Raised by Wolves

Cinema 10 October, 2018






Ridley Scott goes for the first time to carry out a series, with Raised by Wolves.

When Ridley Scott announced back in territory anhedral, a few decades after the monument ‘s Alien, the eighth passenger, it was a dream become a reality. A few years after, Prometheus and Alien : Covenant have had time to be digested, and the dream has become a nightmare for many spectators. And the score to be very warm of the Covenant at the box-office has more or less buried the franchise, even if the developer has sold extensively following its plans, in speaking of several suites, and then a final one for any link.

One thing is for sure, however : the filmmaker had a passion for the character of David, and Walter, played by Michael Fassbender. Already present in Blade Runner, the issues relating to the creation, free will, the power of life and death, and the border between artificial intelligence and humanity, were central in Prometheus and Alien : Covenant. At the point of entering into direct collision with the saga, and let imagine that Ridley Scott would have done better to go on an all-new science fiction film, adapted to their ambitions.

It is still the case that the director of Alone on Mars, Gladiator , and Thelma and Louise will be able to explore the topic elsewhere, as it will make episodes of the series Raised by Wolves, for TNT. This will be a first for the filmmaker accustomed to the dark halls.


Ridley Scott and Katherine Waterston on the Alien : Covenant


If the name Ridley Scott has been stamped on a lot of series, such as recently The Terror and The Man in The High Castle, he had never served as a director on the small screen. And if Raised by Wolves (“raised by wolves”) has reasoned, it is no surprise because there will topics that are important to them.

Raised by Wolves will follow two androids on a distant planet, and virgin, where humanity tries to rebuild civilization. The mission of the two robots raise the children of the colony. But the androids are going to mostly be witnesses of the struggles and tensions in the community, which is torn around issues of religion and beliefs.

It’s not surprising to find mentions ofAlien and Prometheus in the official release of Sarah Aubrey, the DTT channel.


Do not rely on a “damn droid”


Ridley Scott has expressed his enthusiasm in the usual press release :

“I have always sought new boundaries in the genre of science-fiction, and I found a really original in Raised by Wolves – a world that is entirely distinct and imaginative, full of characters plagued by existential questions. What is it that makes us human ? What is it that constitutes a family ? And if we could start over and clear the mess that we have caused on our planet ? Is it that we would survive ? Is it that we would be doing better ? Given the audacity and quality programs from FREEVIEW, it seems to be the perfect place for this kind of series ambitious.”

Aaron Guzikowski will be showrunner and writer Raised by Wolves, a production of Scott Free. TNT has directly ordered a full season. After The Alienist and before I Am The Night, directed by Patty Jenkins with Chris Pine, and until the adaptation of a series of Snowpiercer , which was slow to materialize, Raised by Wolves is, therefore, clear evidence and clear-cut as the chain seeks to impose itself in a landscape of increasingly clogged.

Appointment is thus taken with Raised by Wolves.


Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner, another nice robot