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Entertainment 9 January, 2018

Cyril Hanouna

No clash between Laurent Gerra et Cyril Hanouna : the host Key not at my post, and he vowed Monday, January 8, during his show, not to be angry with the imitator, who he had treated of the “bateleur” in the press.

Laurent Gerra has no great esteem for the small screen, according to its statements made at the Figaro in the beginning of January. The imitator dézinguait at all is the featured presenters of the tv, Cyril Hanouna in mind. “The level of facilitators is still very low : there isa lack of culturethat is scary. (…) Hanouna, I did not even want to imitate it.This is a bateleur”, clashait it. One might therefore believe that the star of C8 has only moderately appreciated the spades of Laurent Gerra.

And yet, as he stated this in Key not at my post office on Monday the 8th of January, ” all is well “. The whole story was, apparently, a huge misunderstanding. “I had Laurent Gerra because we get on very well. He said to me : ‘Frankly, I am very very wrong, I am upset, because it is not at all what I wanted to say. I just wanted to say that I couldn’t imitate you’. And it became ‘I don’t like Cyril Hanouna so I don’t want to imitate’. Ca has been taken up everywhere, he regretted it. So here, I wanted to tell you that everything is going well with Laurent Gerra, I like a lot. It really is someone I’ve known for a very long time”, explained Cyril Hanouna. Phew, that’s enough to reassure fanzouzes !


Cyril HanounaLaurent Gerra

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