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Entertainment 10 August, 2017

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The biographer Andrew Morton tells in his book Diana : Her true story, in her own words a story that has hurt so much, Diana after the birth of prince Harry on 15 September 1984

In 1984, 2 years after the birth of prince William, Diana, is pregnant with her second child. Only, aware of the desire of prince Charles to have a daughter, she hides the sex of the baby until delivery. After 9h of work without epidural, the princess gives birth to Harry on 15 September 1984.

His biographer Andrew Morton, it is said that during the visit of prince Charles to his first comment would have been ” Oh my god, it’s a boy “ and then “And it even has the red hair”. A reflection that would have hurt so much the princess as the reference to the red hair would have been an attack against his own family, the sisters and the brother of Diana with the red hair.

Prince Charles, a young father, would not have, subsequently, been more empathetic. In December 1984, for the baptism of Harry, he would have slipped to her mother- ” We were so disappointed, we thought it would be a girl “. In this biography, Diana said that her marriage with prince Charles would have exploded shortly after the birth of prince Harry.

On the 1st of July last, the relatives of the one that was nicknamed “the princess of hearts” came together to celebrate his 56th birthday, 20 years after the tragic accident that took away the life in Paris on 31 August 1997.

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