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Entertainment 10 January, 2018


Guest of RTL, the director Patrice Leconte is assigned on his next feature film, entitled The empty House, after an idea by Alain Delon. This will be the ultimate film of the actor.

The icon will bid farewell to the public. It had been left very emotional after the funeral of his ex-girlfriend Mireille Darc. The tears in his eyes, Alain Delon had just lost the woman of his life, when the passion had never left, despite their break-up media and their remarriages respective. The actor will soon end with a final film in tones both serious and light. The explanations of Patrice Leconte.

Three years after having done An hour of peace and quiet, the filmmaker makes his return behind the camera with The empty House, a feature-length film marked with the seal of Alain Delon since it is the latter who has had the idea. The two men had already worked together in A chance alongside Jean-Paul Belmondo and Vanessa Paradis. This time, it is Juliette Binoche who will give the replica to the famous actor for a shoot planned in June-July, ” according to the director who had received a memorable gift of Johnny Hallyday on the set of the Man from The train.

“I really like this title because it is a title that makes one think of Georges Simenon. It is a film that is quite intimate, which is happening on the heights of Lake Geneva, ” said Patrice Leconte at the microphone of RTL. “This is a film that is more akin to Bergman than to Henri Verneuil. There is more in these feelings, these doubts, these shadow areas, which become bright areas” describes the filmmaker. “This is a movie twilight which will be towards the sun and it really is the last film of Alain Delon,” he assured. The swan song film of a legend of French.

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