After the death of Nicole Bricq, his or her alternate are out of control “I’m not going to cry” – Gala

Entertainment 8 August, 2017


Nicole Bricq, former minister of François Hollande, died Sunday, August 6. While the messages of tribute after another, his substitute in the Senate increases the games of questionable words.

Nicole Bricq, died Sunday, August 6, as a result of an accidental fall on the stairs. This 70-year old woman has been minister twice in the government of Jean-Marc Ayrault, under the presidency of François Hollande. The announcement of his death, the tributes of the political class have multiplied.

His replacement in the Senate, Hélène Lipietz was not on his side, not really saluted the memory of the senator as his other colleagues. And the least we can say is that his praise, rather annoying, contrasts with the traditional condolences and other messages of support. In reaction to the sudden death of Nicole Bricq, she posted a post on his blog titled : “Nicole is dead, I am back can be a senator… ” And this is not only in the title that Hélène Lipietz shows annoying. Different passages of the text are puzzling. In the first sentence, for example, she said : ” the worst-case scenario, and for her and for me… ” the senator seeming to compare the death of Nicole Bricq, on his return to the Senate.

Challenged by the internet users, Hélène Lipietz denies having made proof of bad character. Interviewed at the microphone of our colleagues from RTL, it remained on its positions and has not apologised for his remarks. ” I have not failed to respect, because, first of all, I think she even has a sense of humor, and then I was not the first to make the connection between the fact that it is on, and the fact that she has fallen in a staircase. Just me I don’t have my fingers in my pockets and I type on the keyboard this is what I think “. Hélène Lipietz was then given a coat : ” I’m not going to cry about Nicole. If I have to cry for the moment , I would weep for all those who are dying under the bombs in Syria. I can’t do anything for the poor Nicole. The tears it is too valuable, should be kept “. New surprising remarks, which will run out of fuel the controversy.

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