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Present at the inauguration of the incubator Station F, Emmanuel Macron made a speech, in order to share, exchange and history. But some of the remarks, tried, moved, obviously did not pleased to the users.

The speech of Emmanuel Macron at the inauguration of the Station F – campus giant dedicated to the start-up and launched by Xavier Niel – Paris Thursday, 29 June is not really gone unnoticed, quite the contrary. In the Face of the entrepreneurs present and gathered in the Halle Freyssinet, the president of the Republic has made statements deemed contemptuous : You have learnt in a train station, and a train station it is a place where you meet the people who succeed and people who do nothing “, he launched before continuing : ” Because it is a place where one goes, because it is a place that we share, because the planet where we are today, because this city, because our country, because our continent they are places where we spend, and if we forget this by wanting to pile up in a corner, we forget where we come from and where we are going. “

Very quickly identified on social networks, this sequence has been criticised and, in particular, on the part of a number of political figures opposed to Emmanuel Macron, in the image of Marine Le Pen, who has assured that ” this is terrible and unworthy, but so revealing of the thought macroniste. “A hashtag #CeuxQuiNeSontRien has even been created this weekend. From his side, Marie-Noëlle Lienemann, senator, socialist Paris, has criticized the ” unworthy purpose (…) of a president of the Republic where all are equal citizens. “Same goes for Gerard Thousand, in support of Jean-Luc Mélenchon during the presidential campaign, who spoke of a ” skid “and ” a disgrace “.

This is not the first time that about a president of the Republic create a controversy. In 2014 already, Valérie Trierweiler, revealed in private conversations with François Hollande : “ In reality, the president does not love the poor. Him, the man of the left, says in private : ‘people without teeth’, and very proud of his grin. “A speech which had led to a veritable tidal wave of criticism on social networks. More recently, Emmanuel Macron was also an international outcry after a joke aimed at the kwassa-kwassa during a trip in the Morbihan. Really…

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Do not think that if you succeed, everything is done. No. Transform our country.

— Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) 29 June 2017

#Macron :”you come across people who succeed and others who do nothing” We are nothing? Let’s be everything !✊ #linternationale

— Olivier Besancenot (@olbesancenot) July 2, 2017

“In the train stations you will meet successful people and other who are nothing” says Macron on the top of its disregard of class

— Gerard Filoche (@gerardfiloche) July 2, 2017

“#Ceuxquinesontrien “are the descendants of the” sans teeth “.

There is a renewal of semantics.

I don’t see what offends you.

— Gaultier Bès (@GaultierBes) July 2, 2017

You feel in what category, would you ? #Ceuixquiréussissent or #Ceuxquinesontrien ?

— Hululle (@hululle) 1 July 2017

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