Agatha Christie: 10 Things You Did not Know About The Polar Star

Entertainment 23 December, 2016

Tonight TF1 diffuses 20:55 Ten Little Niggers, a three-part series, created by the BBC. This is one of the innumerable adaptations of criminal enigmas concocted by the famous British. Died in 1976, she remains the most widely read writer in the world. This is one of the little things to know about this incredible novelist. What else?

• A Christie for Christmas. For fifty years, Agatha has released a novel for Christmas. A small crime to offer at the foot of the fir tree, and always written with the regularity of a Swiss metronome, in six weeks.
• Monosyllaba. This is the name she had chosen for her first manuscript The lonely Petit which was never published. Later, apart from her successful police puzzles, she will also publish novels of love but under the name of Mary Westmacott.
• Archibald Christie. This pilot of the Royal Flying Corps was her first husband and the father of her only daughter Rosalind. In December 1926, after ten years of marriage, he announced to Agatha that he had another wife in his life and that he wanted to divorce. The novelist who has just lost her beloved mother is under the double shock. She disappears. Archie finds her a dozen days later in a hotel in a small seaside town, registered under the name of Nancy Neele … his mistress.
• Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller wanted to become a lyric singer. Orphaned from father to eleven years, she was sent by her mother to Paris to perfect her mastery of piano and singing. But his extreme timidity will be the reason for this first artistic vocation.
• fan of Sherlock Holmes, Agatha is challenged by his older sister Madge to write a detective story. This is how she starts typing frantically on the family writing machine. After a first manuscript rejected everywhere, in 1916 she tackled a second story and created a Belgian and cerebral detective whom she baptized Poirot. She decides to give him a name of demi-god: Hercules. He is the hero of his first novel published in 1920: The Mysterious Affair at Styles .
• His favorite weapon: poison. Volunteer nurse during the war 14/18, she graduated as a pharmacist at the hospital in Torquay, where she was born. And it is by elaborating the treatments intended for soldiers that she refines her knowledge in matters of curare, arsenic and other strychnine …
• 8kg. It is the weight of the collection gathering all the novels having for heroine Miss Marple. Published by Harper Collins in 2009 and sold for 1190 euros, it has 4032 pages. The world’s biggest book in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records.
• The death of Hercule Poirot, Agatha had written in 1940. The manuscript was kept in a safe deposit box at the bank. It was published only in 1975 under the title Poirot left the stage . At the end of this ultimate adventure of the famous Belgian detective, the New York Times broke into an obituary for the glory of that character become a myth.
• Since 1952 there has been a continuous play in London: The Mousetrap. Another crime story elaborated by our star of the genre who had written it for the 80 years of Queen Mary, wife of King George V.
• The crime of the Orient express was adapted to the cinema by Kenneth Branagh. The latter will be the director and the main interpreter under Hercule Poirot’s mustache. The credits, as stars including Pénéplope Cruz, Michelle Pfeiffer and Johnny Depp. Exit scheduled on the screens: end of 2017.