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Entertainment 21 December, 2017


24 hours after announcing on Twitter that she was leaving Key not at my post, Agathe Auproux was finally revealed yesterday evening live on C8 that all of this was just a buzz. Since then, the columnist is in the eye of the cyclone. And his tweet to explain exacerbates the anger of the internet users.

“Friends. I made the decision to leave Key not at my Post. I’ll tell you everything very quickly. A big thank you to the teams for these 8 months are exceptional. “The fans of TPMP were very surprised to read this tweet Agathe Auproux published on Tuesday evening around 23h. Having regard to the wording of his tweet, there could have been little doubt as to its veracity. Yet, it was nothing, these are a few signs on the social network of the columnist of the C8 were just intended to make the buzz before the prime time of C8 aired yesterday evening, 20 December. A process that has annoyed many viewers who seem to be tired of the buzz to repeat Cyril Hanouna and his cronies.

To defend themselves, Agathe Auproux has decided to post a new message on twitter. “The crazy thing is that there will undoubtedly be many more articles on the poor tweet from a columnist (and picked up without checking, with all the extrapolations possible), the fact that Cyril Hanouna has just offered a roof to a family in distress and in difficulty,” she wrote before deleting it a few minutes ago.

A publication that was not at all to the liking of many in the media referred to in his post. Among others, our colleagues from Puremedias who wanted to make things clear. “How can you swing a fake news, deny deny from all media that have done their job and tried to learn more, and then criticize the media for having dared to – SCANDAL – assuming she wasn’t lying ? Should we now start from the principle that everything that is said by a personality, of a clear and official on a social network, is necessarily a lie ? Or should one simply apply this precautionary principle to the chroniclers of the “Key not at my post” ? “.

From our side in drafting we were aware of the hoax yesterday afternoon. Problem when we wanted to have a confirmation of our information that his departure was not one of them, we have not had any feedback from the teams C8. These last did not obviously communicate on the subject for fear that their buzz falls into the water.

If this morning C8 can rejoice in its hearings (1.15 million viewers, 4.8% of the whole audience, between 20h55 and 22.55) Agathe Auproux could (for his image) to be regretted of having supplied the machine to buzz…

Friends. I made the decision to leave Key not at my Post. I’ll tell you everything very quickly. A big thank you to the teams for these 8 months are exceptional.

— Agathe Auproux (@agatheauproux) December 19, 2017

Thank you for all your messages. I am focusing my comments this evening in TPMP and I’ll tell you everything. Big kisses tonight.

— Agathe Auproux (@agatheauproux) December 20, 2017

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