Agathe Auproux had not warned his colleagues of TPMP she stopped Gala

Entertainment 20 December, 2017

Key not at my Post

TPMP and Agathe Auproux, it is finished. After eight months of antenna, the young woman has decided to leave the band Cyril Hanouna. A choice announced on Twitter that he surprised his fans, but also the other chroniclers of the show that have obviously not been made aware of his departure.

Has the general surprise, Agathe Auproux announced that she was leaving the show TPMP presented by Cyril Hanouna. “Friends. I made the decision to leave Key not at my Post. I’ll tell you everything very quickly. A big thank you to the teams for these 8 months exceptional ” was entrusted to the young woman on his Twitter account a little before midnight. A new and unexpected that has disrupted his fans, but also the other members of the show.

His acolyte Jean-Luc Lemoine has expressed his surprise during an interview of Thomas Joubert for Yahoo. “When I left yesterday, I wasn’t expecting this at all ! It, I was never a desire of departure, ” said the comedian, who has obviously not been made aware of the choice of the young columnist. Agathe Auproux be partly due to possible tensions with other columnists ? For Jean-Luc Lemoine there was no disagreement between she and the other members of the show.

Eight months ago, Agathe Auproux landed in the band. Little by little, she had succeeded in getting a place among all the chroniclers.” It is difficult to integrate into the band because we are a family. But the family was moving a lot and Agathe was part of the people who were well integrated and that were very present, ” said Jean-Luc Lemoine. Agathe Auproux, which seemed to want to turn the page of TPMP, should quickly explain this choice and reveal the future professional projects.

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