Agents of SHIELD: 3 reasons why Season 4 made it one of the best series this year

Cinema 28 May, 2017

A few weeks after the end of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD, one returns to his excellent intrigues which made one of the successes of the year.
We said goodbye to the agents of SHIELD some time ago and after wondering when Agents of SHIELD season 5 would be released , we now offer you a short review on season 4. Obviously, watch out for spoilers if You did not see it. It must be said that this new season proved full of (good) surprises and exciting intrigues and as much to tell you that she seduced us from the beginning to the end or almost. That’s why we list three reasons why Agents of SHIELD was found to be one of the best series of this season 2016-2017 . The first is his rhythm. Season 4 was divided into three parts: Ghost Rider, LMD and Agents of Hydra, and this gave him a steady pace of the most enjoyable.
The second reason why Season 4 shone is of course his alternative universe completely mastered. Many series have tried this scriptwriting feat that works only if it is well executed and like Fringe, Agents of SHIELD has distinguished itself by its excellence. In this world where AIDA, alias Ophelia, is at the head of an overpowering Hydra, all or almost all roles are reversed and the agents of SHIELD are transformed from heroes to villains. Seeing Phil Coulson fear the SHIELD or Leopold Fitz from a frightening coldness and a rare cruelty to Jemma turned out to be very destabilizing and gave us cold back several times . Surprise returns of characters, Had seen more for a long time – hello Ward! – the emotions provoked by Mack and his daughter Hope, everything was there to keep us in suspense and make us wait each new episode with impatience.
Finally the third reason why the Marvel series particularly liked us this season is that it was not afraid to take risks. By transforming the majority of his characters into clones in the LMD plot to rest only on one or two “real” heroes – such as Daisy and Jemma – the series proves that all characters are important and developed equally . Each one had its intrigues and adventures so that one is attached to all the members of the SHIELD and that all have the capacity to arouse our interest and to keep it during several episodes. Even when the others go to the background or squarely on the side of Hydra, seeing one or two heroes is not disturbing. Short, A series at the top that tends to be underestimated but that continues to surprise us and seduce us after four seasons. Waiting to know if the sequel will be as good, our review of episode 22 of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD is still available on melty. And you, what did you think of the season?