Agents of SHIELD Season 4: A spin-off of Ghost Rider in preparation?

Cinema 10 November, 2016

He barely been introduced in Season 4 of Agents of SHIELD that Marvel Studios already want to give it a spin-off! A series of Ghost Rider, for or against?

agents-of-shield-saison-4-abc-ghost-riderWhen you play with fire, you burn! We finally discovered the origins of Ghost Rider in episode 6 of Agents of SHIELD Season 4 , and fans of the Marvel universe had to be thrilled! The character of Robbie Reyes was introduced for the first time on the small screen , giving the ghost fire skull a new version from the interpretation of Nicolas Cage in the two previous films . And if you like the performance of Gabriel Luna actor in the ABC series, you’ll be pleased to learn that a spin-off is in preparation! Indeed, when Marvel superheroes is introduced in a series, it is primarily to test the ground before offering his own show. It was the case of Luke Cage and the Punisher , and it is also at DC Comics with Legends of Tomorrow , The Flash , Arrow , etc … In an interview for the site ComicBook , Gabriel Luna actor says starting this project, even if everything is still at the negotiating stage.

According to Gabriel Luna, it could be at the cinema or even on Netflix! “There really are ongoing discussions to make it happen. But I go day by day. I have so much fun now, I just want be sure to have played my part as it should. If they throw me more episodes on a platter, I will do my best to make these stories as well. ” recall, however, that the ABC has tried to launch a spin -off on Bobbi Hunter and characters without it materializes … the Marvel series is currently on holiday until 29 November and after the last episode aired last week, three characters of Agents of SHIELD season 4 are perhaps dead … There will unfortunately have to wait a few weeks to know what really happened. Fortunately, we can take comfort in knowing that the Ghost Rider has not finished his vengeful course! A spin-off of Robbie Reyes, for or against?