Agents of SHIELD season 4: Episode 12, the Darkhold race, our critic

Cinema 2 February, 2017

Last night, the American channel ABC broadcast episode 12 of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD. Discover our review of “Hot Potato Soup”.
This second part of the season 4 Agents of SHIELD begins on hubcaps! If we were afraid that Ghost Rider would be missing, the screenwriters managed to make us forget it thanks to the plot of the LMD which becomes more complex and takes on more importance at each episode. It is a race for the Darkhold that we witnessed in this episode, with Radcliffe and Nadeer’s henchmen on one side and the SHIELD on the other. This is an opportunity to regain the Koenig agents – interpreted by the single Patton Oswalt – who are always so funny. These were who were put in charge to make disappear the Darkhold by Coulson and unfortunately one of them was captured by Radcliffe and the others. This episode is also one of the revelations as the Team will finally discover that Melinda May was replaced by LMD in his image – it’s about time!
If Nadeer desperately wants to take possession of the Darkhold was used to eliminate the Inhuman population from the planet. The SHIELD must therefore at all costs prevent it from getting its hands on it. In an attempt to obtain information, Fitz and Mack plays the good cop / bad cop with the LMD Radcliffe and that’s when we learn a little more about Fitz and especially his father. Apparently the two men did not have a very good relationship and his father seems to be the last person we want to have as a parent. This results in a very touching scene between Fitz and Jemma, in which it expressed its sorrow for the betrayals of his father, then Ward Radcliffe . It is also this conversation that will lead Fitz to understand that the LMD with the image of Radcliffe was created thanks to the Darkhold and contains a kind of replica of the human brain. It is not necessary any more to Jemma to understand that May is also an LMD.
Unfortunately, this discovery comes a bit late and we still had to attend a kiss between Coulson and May that did not really please us. After a small battle well done as the only Agents of SHIELD has the secret, the Darkhold ends up falling into the wrong hands since one of Koenig agents does not know that Melinda May is not true. What is going to happen now that Radcliffe has the Darkhold in his possession? How Coulson will live the fact that he did not notice that May was not the real one? In the next episode entitled “BOOM” the stakes are particularly high for the SHIELD while they try to find and rescue the true Agent May, as shown in the promo video above. While waiting to learn more, know that you can always read our review of episode 11 of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD on melty. What did you think of this episode?