Agents of SHIELD season 4: Episode 21, AIDA discovers suffering, our critic

Cinema 11 May, 2017

Yesterday evening ABC was broadcasting a new episode of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD and we propose you not to discover our criticism of “The Return”. Watch out for spoilers!
The season 4 Agents of SHIELD continues on ABC and it remains one episode before the end. But before you can discover the final season, we offer you our criticism of episode 21 broadcast last night and entitled “The Return”. The title foreshadowed a return and this is indeed what took place at the end of the episode but also at the beginning since we finally saw the good old generic series that announced the end of the Era of Agents of Hydra. But the problems of Coulson, Jemma and the others are not solved, far from it. We find Coulson and May where they had been left: on an oil base and charming company since shortly after the disappearance of Fitz and AIDA, The Russian Ivanov and his clones start attacking them. May finds time enough to ask a few questions and we feel the embarrassment of Coulson to confess the time it took to discover that May had been replaced by an android. Even stuck on the oil base, Ivanov does not waste time and continues to order his men to attack Jemma, Yo-Yo, Daisy and the others who are still on the plane.
With a lot of ingenuity, the whole team managed to get rid of their attackers and to help Phil and May. Meanwhile, Fitz was taken away by AIDA and found himself in an idyllic setting by the sea to build a life with her. But the memories of his alternative life and his love for Jemma prevent it despite attempts to justify AIDA . It should be said that artificial intelligence does not hide from having tried to reproduce the story of FitzSimmons in the framework but this only despairs Fitz even more. Yet Ophelia reveals her first human strength when she shows empathy with Coulson and the others in the face of Fitz’s distress that worries them. Everyone then quickly finds himself on the oil platform and AIDA even saves Mack from drowning after a missile hit the platform, probably the last thing he will do. Indeed, his isolation with Fitz first awakens in us a certain sympathy for an AI who has become human who discovers the pain that love can cause.
But difficult not to see her as the villain of the story when she takes very ill rejection of Fitz who explains to him that he will always choose Jemma before all. As the situation becomes more complicated for Fitz, General Talbot disembarks and does not really arrange things. All this leads to the flight of AIDA which leaves many corpses in its passage and on the return of a major character to stop it: Ghost Rider . Full of reversals, the end of the episode finally shows us the reunion of FitzSimmons in a scene that goes without words to express the love that they carry to each other. We already know that the consequences are very complicated for both of them and it is hoped that they will eventually rebuild together. Finally Yo-Yo is likely to have a nasty surprise since it took advantage of the general chaos to go into the framework and bring back Mack. But it could be a lot harder than she imagined … Waiting to learn how Agents of SHIELD season 4 will end, find out what other series are being released this week with our weekly series . What did you think of the episode?