Agents of SHIELD Season 4: Episode 9, when he will be released?

Season 4 Agents of SHIELD is on winter hiatus. But then, when is it we can find the series and see episode 9?
Unfortunately, this week we do not meet again for another episode of Agents of SHIELD as the US network ABC aired the final mid-season last Tuesday. But rest assured, this year, waiting for will not be as long as the series will return Tuesday, January 10, 2017 . We will have one month hiatus against three months last year! And yes, with the break of the series we take all the good news we can, especially that episode 8 of Season 4 of Agents of SHIELD left us with a whole bunch of questions. If Eli finally seems out of harm’s way, SHIELD has already a new enemy, AIDA, although they are not yet aware. However, the dark side of AIDA will not stay secret long as you can see in the video promo of episode 9, below:
As you can see, the second part of Season 4 Agents of SHIELD is subtitled LMD matching “Life Model Decoy” , which means “modeled semblance of life” in French. So they are androids, as AIDA is the perfect example of LMD, which will be at the heart of the plot for the rest of the season . But then, does that mean that Aida has managed to make itself a DML and give it the appearance of Agent May? Has she done this in the spirit of wanting to protect her? Indeed, Melinda May temporarily dead in the eyes of AIDA and since it was designed to protect, it remains a possibility. In any case, we know that it will stop before more violence now and if you believe the pictures, AIDA will even turn against its creator. The second part of the season of Agents of SHIELD is to already looks explosive, and we wait to find out. What do you think ?

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