Agnès Buzyn suspends the generalization of the third-party payer

Health 7 July, 2017

Frederic Bukajlo/RTL/SIPA

Published the 07.07.2017 at 11h23


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The supporters of the third-party payer will have to be patient. The minister of Health rejects the generalization of this provision to the whole population, planned for 1 November. Without giving calendar, Agnès Buzyn has confirmed, on the 6th of July on RTL, it was more favourable to a measure which is optional rather than mandatory.

Access to the third-party payer has a vested interest, in the eyes of the minister of Health and Solidarity. “Some French have trouble accessing a doctor for financial reasons “, she conceded to the micro of Elizabeth Martichoux.

But Agnès Buzyn does not want this development done to the detriment of health professionals, liberals, who are already complaining of a heavy administrative burden. “It is also necessary for the doctors is in their interest,” she explains. I am looking for a formula win-win. “

Look at the explanations of the minister (from 7 min 58) :

Two reports expected

The general Inspectorate of social affairs (Igas) will be responsible for assessing the third party payer system put in place by Marisol Touraine, former minister of Health. And define a solution that is suitable to the greatest number. The findings of this mission should be handed in at the end of the summer.

A further report is awaited, that of health Insurance. But we can already assume that the obligation will be lifted. “I hate bonds “, has recently told Agnès Buzyn, day in, day Doctor. Such a decision would be much more coherent than the president, Emmanuel Macron, has taken a position in favour of a third party payer generalizable, during his campaign.

Beyond the spirit of this law, many technical obstacles preclude rapid spread of the third-party payer. All the mutuals are not prepared and the doctors fear a surplus of red tape in their days already charged.