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Entertainment 13 December, 2017

Dancing with the stars

Win for Agustin Galiana. This Wednesday, December 13, the actor has won the final of Dancing with the Stars, but he made it just in time. Everything is played to a few votes.

In the entire history of Dancing with the Stars, never a score has not been as tight. At the end of 10 weeks of competition, Agustin Galiana has won the final of the show, in the face of Lenni-Kim. But the least we can say is that it is a victory of rightness. The actor has won 50,33% of the points, while the young singer has won 49,67% of the votes. A minor difference. Very low, since it is the smallest difference in the history of the program. Until now, the lowest score was tight had the opposite Rayane Bensetti et Nathalie Péchalat (2014): 52% against 48.

This victory on the wire represent well the competition for this edition : Lenni-Kim and Agustin Galiana have always played the top of the rankings, rivaling talent to get the best grades. Very moved, the winner was required to dedicate this victory to his grand-mother died, explaining how he would have liked it to be there. A beautiful, however, when her family forbade her to dance during his youth.

The emotion was also present for Candice Pascal, who won his first cup in eight seasons of Dancing with the Stars. The young woman says, ” I have so much desired ! “For both partners, if accomplices throughout the competition, it is a dream come true. In the course of the evening, Agustin has managed the impressive feat of achieving a no-fault, picking up 80 points on a paso doble. And even ifhe ends up behind Lenni-Kim in the classification of the judges, the public has awarded him a victory more than deserved.

Photo credits : screen Capture TF1

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