Aids: towards a relief of the treatments against HIV

Health 13 July, 2017


Published the 13.07.2017 at 12h17


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There is no cure for HIV. The progress achieved in the last more than 20 years on the side of the treatments grow sometimes to forget it. They work well, allow to stabilize patients and reduce the viral load. So well that their discovery and their democratization are largely responsible for the decline of 45 % in the number of deaths related to the infection since 2005.

But the discontinuation of antiretroviral treatment means the return of the virus. Pending the arrival of a vaccine to really be effective, they are still the only bulwark medical, and must be taken for life, every day. May be more for a very long time.

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Adaptations of the dosage form – the form in which are taken the drug are at the study, to reduce the weight of the decision of the treatments. “Fewer medications, fewer constraints,” sums up for Pourquoidocteur Pr Pierre-Marie Girard, head of the department of infectious and tropical diseases hôpital Saint-Antoine, and HIV specialist.

Of dozens of drugs to be swallowed by day, the treatments have already simplified down to one pill daily. But laboratories continue to innovate. “We see high-profile treatments for very long period of time, including in an injectable form, specifies the Pr Girard prevention and treatment could be based on the quarterly injections, or even semi-annual. This could represent a small revolution. “


By various methods, including the use of nanotechnology, the molecules are delivered continuously, adds the Pr Girard. And this is not science fiction. “Clinical trials are underway to validate these new treatments,” he continues. Small implants, which could be worn for a year, are also in development. “

Their arrival on the market should not have to wait too long. The trials are in their final stages, and the doctor believes they could make their appearance within two years. A no more to improve the quality of life of patients.