Aladdin: Disney galley to find hero

Cinema 13 July, 2017

The production of the live-action Aladdin knows a few problems since after months of casting, the two heroes of the history have still not been found.

Prince Ali, yes it is NOT him Ali Ababwa … Hard blow of the side of the production of Aladdin! While a few weeks ago we announced that Disney was casting a worldwide cast to find its hero, we learn today that after weeks and weeks of casting and more than 2000 auditions, Mickey’s home Still has not found its pearl rare. More worryingly, while singer Jade Thirwall was approached to lend her traits to Jasmine in the live-action Aladdin, visibly the negotiations have not succeeded since Disney also despairs to find the heroine.

For now, only two people seem really attached to the project: Guy Ritchie who will slip behind the camera and Will Smith who signed to lend his voice to the Genie. Disney wants to respect the origins of the cartoon characters released in 1992 and seeks an actor in his twenties, knowing how to sing and dance. We crossed the fingers since the beginning of shooting was announced for this month … Fortunately the live-action The Lion King almost found him all his actors, since John Oliver has just been chosen to lend his voice to Zazu !