Alain Chamfort evokes its link with Lio while his wife was pregnant

Entertainment 28 November, 2016

To promote the release of his book, Intimate , Alain Chamfort played the game of the interview for this JDD this weekend. He returned on the delicate situation in which he found himself when he set couple with Lio.

alain-chamfortBrunettes do not count for nothing , especially not for Alain Chamfort. In 1986, while Lio a hit with his hit signed the singer, he chose to live his romance with the young woman 13 years his junior, even jeopardize his family life. for when the evidence is imposed on them, Alain Chamfort is still married with a little Clementine, aged 3 years. And his wife is pregnant with twins.
Courageous, Alain Chamfort has agreed to return to this delicate period. “I was torn between two feelings that clashed. I would not want that again. ” He assures hindsight. Especially since the story only lasted a few months. At the time, the star singer is aware of the violence of the situation it imposes on his family. “I have not abandoned them. I continued to spend my weekends, my holidays with them (…) For them, I imagine that wound never really healed. ”
However, it seems that the relationship between Alain Chamfort, his children and their mother are relatively appeased. Last year, in Tetu , he confided indeed have been shocked by what his former girlfriend on a program of France 2. “We ended a few years ago in a show of Michel Drucker , she was extremely touching with lots of emotion. When you have a great story with a person, it is always found. “