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Entertainment 12 January, 2018


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Paris Match published this week an off-series on Alain Delon. Many relatives of the actor are entrusted in the pages of this issue. His children, but also Nathalie Delon, the only woman to be married, answered the questions of the magazine.

At 82 years old, Alain Delon is an icon of the French cinema. Wednesday, 10 January, Paris Match devotes an off-series, in this single actor in the 7th item Among those who are entrusted in the pages of this number, there are Nathalie Delon, the only woman, among all his conquests, that the actor has married. She is back on her love affair with Alain Delon, whom was born a son, Anthony Delon. The romance began in 1983, on the set of the film The Samurai, of Melville. “We lived then in our history to the day-to-day, but when we got back to Paris, I realized that I was really in love with him “.

It is also at this moment that she understands that Alain Delon is hardly the man of a single woman. ” Meanwhile, I have uncovered his links with Romy. I told Alain that I loved her too much to share, and that it would be best that we return each one to live his life. He chose. On the same day that Romy arrived in Paris, we went to Mexico. It has left him a letter and roses, she said. Alain spoke to me about never of it but I could see from time to time a shadow of sadness pass his eyes. “Crazy in love, they marry and Nathalie Delon gives birth to a boy, Anthony. However, after the birth of their child, their love is fading little by little. Then Alain Delon met Mireille Darc, the other woman in his life.

It is at this moment that the mother of Anthony Delon decides to leave. “When I left, I left everything behind me. I went with my son and my governess, that’s all, ” she says. At age 14, Anthony asks him to go live with his father. “It was at this time that I decided to install the United States, where I spent close to thirty years. Two years later, Anthony was asked to get back with me” . She finished by revealing that for the past three years, Alain Delon and she “started to attend regularly for it to have a better knowledge of the girls, Anthony, Wolf, and Liv “. In September 2017, after the death of Mireille Darc, the actor had to have surgery and Nathalie Delon was at his bedside all, as the daughter of Alain Delon, Anouchka.

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