Alain Delon thanks the police for “saving the life” of his son Alain-Fabien

Entertainment 13 January, 2017

The iconic actor wanted to send his warmest congratulations to the forces of order.
On the night of 8 to 9 January, Alain-Fabien Delon was arrested in Paris for driving while intoxicated . As previously reported the site Closer , the son of the famous French actor Alain Delon was on his scooter at around 1am in the streets of the capital when it was noticed in difficult situations by police.
After having had some difficulty in keeping control of his two-wheeled vehicle, the 22-year-old had toppled his vehicle on the road. Apprehended by a team of police officers, he had been subjected to a breath test which proved positive before being embarked to finish the night in a cell of sobering up.
According to new revelations made Thursday, January 12th by the magazine Closer , curated the 1st arrondissement of Paris received a surprise phone call from Alain Delon in the wake of the arrest. Recognizing, the actor of 81 years has warmly congratulated the police for having ” saved the life ” of his youngest son, thanking the good treatment he had been right.
Seen in movies including The dating after midnight , Alain-Fabien Delon was repeatedly poured over his conflicting relationship with his father , admired as feared. Last December, he spoke on Instagram to attack his relatives. ” Due to my name, I was often exposed either voluntarily or not. Each of my mistakes were the targets of those who had nothing to say. All my achievements could forget to do them. ( …) To move forward, to become what is at the bottom of oneself implies to put oneself in danger, to entrust oneself as to protect oneself but there are always obstacles, those of life simply and those created by People who pushed you to make mistakes or provoked them, or those who were there to judge, amplify and perpetuate them, and sometimes these people are closer than you think, and that’s it that one feels most affected to be bound to those who reduce you. we have no regrets seeing that or maybe where you come. “