Alain Delon “wants to be buried in the middle of one of his animals” – Gala

Entertainment 19 January, 2018


Between Alain Delon and his dogs, a special relationship. To the point of wanting to leave with them. A Douchy, there are 35 graves, those of his faithful companions.

Alain Delon lives in solitary Douchy in his immense property. If his children Anthony Alain-Fabien and Anouchka have long since left the nest, the actor is very close to his animals. Great friend of the beasts, the actor is never short of confidence. “Today, there are thirty-five tombs. When the dogs are in a couple, I put them together. My whole life is here, in these tombs.” He hoped, also become extinct in this house and be buried in the tomb, just in front of the cemetery for dogs. I want to be buried in the middle of my beasts”, told us about it.

Her love for animals, Alain Delon speaks with tender words. “I was raised with dogs, I’ve spent my entire life with dogs. “Gala “, a doberman, was one of the first dogs in my life. One day I bawled, I had given him a pat on the buttocks. She sat. She looked at me. And I have seen her cry. In the same way, I now have a dog who smiles. It is a bullshit, she looks at me, she smiles.” German shepherds, belgian malinois, Alain Delon is a wealth of knowledge on his faithful companions.

For Paris Match, the actor has agreed to open the gates of his property. The opportunity to discuss his end-of-life. Already the actor has planned everything. At the point of wanting to leave accompanied by his dog, who is 3 years old. “If he should die before me, as I hope, I will take no other,” he said before announcing a radical decision: “If I die before him, I would ask the vet that we go to together. It will sting so that he would die in my arms. Je prefer that rather than knowing that he will die on my grave with so much suffering” .

A small phrase that creates the controversy

A small phrase that might have been a shock. But you understand, in context, by reading this sentence “I prefer it that way rather than knowing that he will die on my grave”. Mixed with its animals, Delon was in the habit of sleeping with his cat, a cat with three legs, that he had saved while shas mistress wanted to do stitch, and the result of an accident with a car, but “thanks to the help of our veterinarian, I have it saved and I’ve kept it. It does leave me more, he even sleeps with me.” told us about it.

Alain Delon and his dog, Manu, 1976
Photo: Benjamin Auger

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Alain Delon

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