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Entertainment 11 January, 2018


In an interview given to his girlfriend Valerie Trierweiler for the magazine Paris Match, Alain Delon is entrusted, without restraint on the end of his life and the woman who could accompany him until the end.

Equal to himself, Alain Delon is never stingy with good words about his person. The icon for French and world star of the seventh art has known an impressive number of feminine conquests, even if Mireille Darc will be the woman of his life. Eternal playboy, the actor has been extensively interviewed on his life and career by journalist Valérie Trierweiler. As a result, a one-off edition of Paris Match, which is entirely devoted to. The opportunity for him to lean on the end of his life and a possible love story.

In “Me, Delon : interview of a lifetime”, star 82-year-old is back with bitterness on a present that he cursed. “Life doesn’t bring me much. I have known everything, seen everything. But most of all, I hate this time, I throw up ” he says with no restraint. In the twilight of its existence, Alain Delon seems to have nothing more to ask in life, if this is a ultimate feature-length film under the direction of Patrice Leconte and alongside Juliette Binoche.

If he has known many women in his life, Alain Delon evokes the one that could accompany him on the last straight. According to him, the claimant did not miss. “I’m not saying that there is no candidate. There are ten, but no for the moment not be right for me to end my life. (…) I could marry a woman if she was ready to accompany me to the end, ” he says with total honesty. Alain Delon has obviously more than to make his choice.


Alain Delon

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