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Entertainment 17 January, 2018


In the off-series Alain Delon, the one in the magazine Paris Match, the children of the actor confide on their father, their education and their childhood. Alain-Fabien Delon tells what he learned of the famous French actor.

Alain-Fabien and Anouchka Delon are committed in the off series of the magazine Paris Match devoted to their father, Alain Delon, the unique. The two young people more young children of the comedian share the qualities and the defects which they have inherited from the famous actor. Alain-Fabien, who has had a few quarrels with his father, has grown up and has learned a lot of the actor and his career. “We have not been raised with caviar at breakfast. We come from a family of artists and from that, we appreciate it “, he says.

The young man 23 years of age, couple with Capucine Anav, has long been considered the enfant terrible of the family Delon. Since he became a model and muse of Dior, like his father, Alain-Fabien Delon, seems to have gained in maturity. “He (Alain Delon) has worked all his life. In its place, I would have had eight jets on the tarmac, packets of chicks dancing around me… My father is a humble man. It was instilled in me the concept of money. Today, I am pleased to offer me a plane ticket. I am proud to be able to do it. Not like some friends who have the credit card from dad but who become depressed without knowing what to do with their lives, ” explains the young man.

Anouchka Delon, she embarked on a career as an actress and seems to be flourishing. It is quite close to his father despite an adolescence difficult. In September 2017, the young woman has watched at the bedside of his father after a bypass operation at the level of the femoral artery.

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