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Entertainment 26 August, 2017


Beaten by French prime minister François Fillon at the primary of the Republicans, Alain Juppé appears to have still not digested his defeat. In the pages of the South-West, the mayor of Bordeaux is now unceremoniously to Emmanuel Macron.

Obviously, Alain Juppé still hasn’t gotten over his ouster from the race to the Elysée. Presented during a time such as the big favorite in this presidential election, it has finally seen François Fillon him to be preferred by the voters of the party of the Republicans. Following the defeat of this opponent, in the first round, Alain Juppé saw the dream that eluded him for so many years to fall into the outstretched arms of Emmanuel Macron. Now, the ex-Prime minister shows no mercy to the new head of State.

In the issue of the newspaper Sud-Ouest published on Friday, 25 August, Alain Juppé says so: you say that you want to do politics differently, it makes me chuckle. It’s been forty years that I hear him say “.Close to Jacques Chirac believed that, Emmanuel Macron plays primarily on the effects of ad. In his eyes, ” the real problems are elsewhere: what is education, what is the european policy, which policy of european border control, which policy is energy transition really effective? Those are the priorities. The rest is foam.

Far from convinced by the first few months in the power of Emmanuel Macron, the mayor of Bordeaux, believes that the success of the youngest president in the history of France is due in part to the favorable treatment that he reserved the media. He thinks that if he had dared uttered some words are borrowed from the head of the State, the reaction of the journalists would have been without common measure.If I had said ‘I am Jupiter’, takes it as an example, I would have taken full in the mouth. “The fervent gaullist shows so if it is tucked up against the spouse of Brigitte Macron that he even goes so far as to relativize the ego which showed François Mitterrand when he was in power. “Jupiter is the king of the gods. Mitterrand was himself to be God… “.

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