Alain Juppe: his big blow blues after defeat

Entertainment 1 December, 2016

Installed for almost three years at the top of the polls, Alain Juppe was leading the race throughout the campaign to the primary of the right and center. But it is finally François Fillon who won by knockout with over 66% of votes cast. A result as a massive blow to the mayor of Bordeaux.

alain-juppe” End Slap ” was the headline on its website the newspaper Liberation , last Sunday night, shortly after the announcement of results of the second round between Alain Juppé and François Fillon contestant right. A strong headline to discuss the defeat of the mayor of Bordeaux whose Republican primary was undoubtedly his last political battle.
A fight ended with an acceptance speech in which the candidate ousted told ” finish the campaign as a free man .” However, according to Paris Match , which spends on its website an article in the aftermath of the crushing defeat of Alain Juppe, it was taken from a real “coup de blues” after the announcement of results , like any other juppéistes. Benoist Appeared, spokesman during the campaign Alain Juppe admits, indeed, have been ” taken aback ” by, he said, this ” incredible turnaround ” facing a candidate long remained ” below the radar “.
An especially big slap to the mayor of Bordeaux everyone last year, media pollsters largely gave the winner of the primary, which, according to political observers was only a formality for him before access to the president.
But on more than 4.2 million voters, Alain Juppé received only 33.5% of the vote against 66.5% for François Fillon. Also, and especially, the former Prime Minister Jacques Chirac bowed in almost all French departments, not arriving in mind that in his stronghold of Gironde (62.3%), in Corrèze (50.8%) and in Guyana (53.8%) in French Polynesia (54.2%) and Wallis and Futuna (69.2%). And that’s it. ” The result is obviously not up to my expectations ” , he has commented on Sunday, hailing the ” victory ” of his opponent, and thanking the Bordelais in passing .
Bordeaux, Alain Juppé whose city is the mayor for ten years after also from 1995 to 2004, and where he returned on Tuesday. ” It feels good to come home ” , he launched under the applause from employees of City hall. The Gironde capital to which the husband of Isabelle Juppé hope he now seems to want to totally focus.