Alain Souchon and Laurent Voulzy: Who are the women in their lives?

Entertainment 18 November, 2016

The box CD / DVD live duo Alain Souchon and Laurent Voulzy out November 18, 2016, reflecting the first joint tour of the two singers. Friends for forty years on stage and in the city, it preserves both carefully their secret gardens.

souchon-voulzyNot very people, the two singers … While they have recently completed their first joint tour, Alain Souchon and Laurent Voulzy are not the type to spread their privacy. Of course with the exception of their longstanding friendship , an element of their talents and their career since they met in 1974 in the offices of a record label.
We also know that their children are friends, and work together. His elder Pierre Souchon has even formed a band, The Cherche-Midi, with Julien Voulzy, the eldest son of Laurent Voulzy. Their progeny is focused on music since Charles Souchon is known as the Bear artist name. As for Nicolas Voulzy, alias Lieutenant Nicholson, he is also a musician. Betty, her mother and that of Julien Laurent Voulzy which was separated, died in November 2015.
In 1977 he had dedicated to him these few lines in his famous tube Rockollection , written by the hand of Alain Souchon: ” Betty laughed at my ball zero / J’lui have not said if it please, you got that ‘to complain to Dirlot / and I got fired / and the Beach Boys sang / something that sticks to me still the heart and body … “After divorcing Betty Laurent Voulzy lived a while with Veronique Jeannot, then he remarried in June 2010 in Saint-Pierre Quiberon with journalist Mirella. They have since 2002 a son, Quentin, live mostly in England, near London.
As for Alain Souchon, married since 1971 to Françoise , he calls “Belote” a nice derivative. In the magazine She , Souchon recounted a typical day in the company of the mother of his two son: ” I wake up at 8 am 30, I told my wife that I slept badly. And so we should live in the country (…) She tells me I’m grumpy (…) What would be great is that you go to settle in Italy. Definitely. It would start another life. But she said no. Or, “You’ve got three songs to write them. “Or:” Tonight you want to go see such a film? “I say, wearily:” We can not rent the DVD instead? “And she called her sister collapsed, saying that I have no energy. Around midnight, I go to bed. I said to my wife: we will go and live in southern Morocco. Under a tent. We will not see anyone. And my wife said to me, it’s an idea but you’re grumpy. First go to the hairdresser because you have your concerts. Then I fall asleep . ” Pure Alain Souchon …